Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hello, Again! Sadly no photos....

Hey again! It's Berry, here to announce some changes over here.
First off, Bloom is going to start contributing to this blog more regularly. To solve any confusion, we'll both be signing our posts from now on. This, unfortunately, means that I can't keep any craft-presents a secret on here...
So for the moment, I can't post Part 2 of awesome crafts for Bloom. :(
I will soon, I promise!

Secondly, we're also going to be looking into our first 'bulk' and proper photoshoot, showcasing all of our recent crafty makes.
We have so many ideas, but even those we finish take a looong time to make it to the public eye! >_<
We are also giving you the ability to follow us on facebook or twitter in the near future.
Berry xoxo

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