Sunday, 20 June 2010

Skully tee!

Yesterday, I decided to make a Skully Cut-out Tee... And I loved it!
I'm quite the skull-themed crafter, aren't I? I assure you, I'm not about to start spouting Shakespeare at you!

After a sumptuous beach dinner (or rather, not-so-sumptuous after the small children had stampeded ¬_¬)
I walked home and garnered a few nice comments from old ladies. That's me, the old-lady-cheerer-upper!

Anyway, here it is:

I apologise for the bad photoshoppery, but I like anonymity and my pose sucked. The skull is cut out of the back (to avoid boobage) and so could be worn by itself, if you felt like it.
You could also just sew some different material underneath to save you the trouble of layering tees, but I like the choice. I reckon you'll be seeing more cut-outs from me soon!

(P.S- I wore my skull necklace with this, as well! XD)
Berry xoxo

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