Thursday, 24 June 2010

Skulls, bows, and bloomers

Hello, everyone!
It's Berry, here. I've been working on a large custom order for a friend's birthday, and so I've been a bit busy. Bloom is, too- although I've seen some of her new work, and it looks awesome! She's made some lovely Roy-Lichenstein style lipbalms to go with my retro comic balm pot, and some lovely wire and bead rings. More info soon!

Here are some of the pieces in the custom order. My friend saw my skull necklace and wanted one of her own, and I was happy to oblige! :3

I've also made a 'ribbon' bow, a rose, a music note, a pear cellphone charm, a cloud charm, and their initial on a clay tile (not shown).
The pictured music note unfortunately broke, and so I made another in blue and reinforced the clay.

And here are my bloomers! I was very proud of making these, and they're just the thing to wear under a lady-pirate costume or to an alice in wonderland tea party!

I've put together an outfit co-ordination to wear them with, too. It's in the 'alice-style' lolita fashion.
Over and out!
Berry xoxo

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