Friday, 18 June 2010

Another Quick update...

Woah, the updates are really flowing at the moment. This is what happens when my creative muse (more like creative hyperactive inner child) breaks down the barriers of procrastination and lets the world catch up to my creating speed.


Anyway, here's one of my other pieces which I created on a whim around a month ago. My brother is a LEGO nerd, and although I do love the brick myself, I'm usually more interested in the mini figures.
Tying them to parachutes, creating a Mary Shelley-esque monster from Leia, burglar and storm trooper parts, or making them into jewellery. I've been wearing this ever since I made it on my chain usually reserved for some other charm, which is at the jeweller's.

We're looking into having these available for B+B...
Unlike other mini figure jewellery, no pieces are cut, pierced, glued or drilled in the making of this. Of course, if you wanted to, you could add a body onto a necklace head charm and you'd probably be fine. But we'd make full mini figures differently to the heads.

Any wear on the skull in the photo is due to the constant wear and tear of LEGO play (my head came from a set, but only because it was for my own use) and because I've also worn it for a while.

Berry xoxo

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