Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Craft Overload.

Welcome to License to Craft!
I love craft blogs, and all the holiday crafty activities I've been getting up to (plus, my returning to polymer clay sculpting) has inspired me to start a crafty blog.
Watch out for random crafts, rants, and occasionally some polymer clay tutorials, if you're lucky :)
Now, prepare for the crafty overload!

I made this lovely sugarcube igloo with my younger brother, as a Christmas Eve craft. It took a piece of cardboard, some royal icing and a packet of sugarcubes. In fact, we also used a small roll of the card to support the walls, and built the chimney over it, so you can't see it (it's inside).
This is a few hours later, hence the holes in the igloo. You can't see it, but the royal icing/mortar has been dribbled all over it to look like melting snow, and the crushed sugarcubes to look like powdery snow. It's a lovely effect!

These charms were made with polymer clay. I have made a Nikon D80 camera, a cooked breakfast, and a slice of AVEN cake on a cellphone charm. The camera, mug and plate were made as gifts for our family crackers, which we fill ourselves. To give you an idea of size, the grey plate the breakfast is on is around the size of a 2p coin, and a bit smaller than a washer.

Although the camera (real) I used to take this photo doesn't capture the details well enough, I have glazed the lens and tea in the mug to give them a shiny, liquid/glass effect, and used the side of my cutting tool to give the Nikon the textured rubber strip on the lens holder.

Here's the reference picture. I may have used a bit of artistic license, but you cane see where my camera matches up. The textured strip is there, and you can see how I created the lens layers.