Monday, 26 July 2010

What you can look forward to

Hello, all!

This is Berry here. We've had some news from Fearless about our stock, which is awesome! However this means that we still have no stock with us, boo hoo.

Recently I ordered some necklaces, which means I can focus on making nicer, bigger and more intricate pieces for pendants! We've also still got lots of findings so as soon as I can get those creative juice flowing properly you can look forward to new designs!

I've also uncovered some of my beading stash and am currently attempting to make a cute little dragon to guard my 'potions'! (more on that soon).

But where is Bloom, I hear you ask? Bloom's currently ono holiday, but she'll be back soon, don't worry!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Where to Find us

Hello, all!

Recently, Dready Derry Designs asked me where to find our stuff in Fearless.
Although you may have seen that Bloom and Berry is based in Cornwall, we haven't bragged about it much until recently, as our business (was) mostly internet based. But now that you can find our designs somewhere other than at our online shop, we thought we'd give a little run-down of our location, or stockist and where to find us.

We are based in Cornwall, in and around the Bude area, and Port Isaac is around 20 minutes drive away (Cornwall is full of windy roads and hills!)

If you ever visit Cornwall, I recommend Port Isaac - not just to see Fearless!- as it is a lovely town with nice eateries, hotels, and beaches. It's not been corrupted by tourism, either.

P.S Since I feel guilty just posting random question-answer-blog posts, here's a link to a super-cute giveaway from Messy Carla! No, don't thank me :P

Business Cards and Fearless News!

Hello, all!

I went down to Fearless yesterday, to show the shop owner examples of my stock.. And she took it all! She also gave me some nice 'secret' hints and tips, which I can use to create better work for everyone! I'm hoping that the lovely people of Port Isaac like my stuff and lap it up, haha.

Visiting Port Isaac? See if you can spot some lovely polymer clay things on the front desk-thing. :D
I'll be uploading some photos of things I sent down, as most of it was new and made for the occasion, and these pictures are much better quality, haha.

The second item of 'news' is that we're getting business cards, hopefully! I've decided to go with Mini Moo cards by Moo for their low minimums and unique card shape. I'll hopefully publish a review when they arrive!

But for now, here is a preview of our main design (and some alternate colourways)...

I hope you like them!

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From, Berry!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I've just got an account at my favourite site, after a long time lurking.

You have this blog to thanks for making me less lazy at uploading photos, which is essential for uploading stuff to Cut Out + Keep.

And, just for you, here's my first project!

See Flowery Hairpins! and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

Friday, 9 July 2010

New layout, again!

Hello again, guys!

Following my consignment-related revelation, I got all excited about B+B and got all antsy- looking up craft fair opportunities and designing jewellery packaging. And once again, the blog got a makeover! I wasn't too happy with the cavity-inducing sweetness of the old style, nor how the Blogger template design dealt with pictures. So, I think this design actually is here to stay! It fits in with us, and works properly. The colours aren't too pink, and go with our weird widgets and whatnots.

Secondly, onto the 'craft fairs' part of the news. I've found out about a local craft fairs, which I'll be attending from 26th- 30th of August if all goes well. Wish me luck!
I've got some pictures of the stock that I'm planning to send off to Fearless coming up soon... Plus, some sneak peaks of my display items for the stall.

But for now, I have no pictures to offer you! Sorry!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Exciting News and More pictures!

Hello again, everyone!
As you may have seen, in our last post we had invisible pictures. Not too cool, eh? Well, it seems that a bug has spirited them away, and since I don't have back-up of them, I'll be retaking the photos.

Secondly, here are some more recent pictures... I recently completed another custom order for a friend and also received two awesome packages.. My shrink plastic and my Converse!

I've already used the plastic to make a hair-clip, (below) and brooch (below) and two soon-to-be wing earrings (again, below). I've also started work on the custom Converse and can't wait to show you all the results!

And here are some more 'shoot'-style ring photos... With our gorgeous new model ;)

Annnd, now for the exciting new news...


I'm getting my products in a bona fide store!

Yes, that's right! On a trip to Port Isaac today, I went into Fearless.

I'm talking to the owner and bringing samples of my stock down (which I need to feverishly bake to supplement: I've sold most of it! D:) and they're going to sell it through Sale or Return, or 'consignment'.

It's going to be a great opportunity to make contacts (the lady there runs a stall at Glastonbury and has Makers every year; I just missed out!) great for convenience, so less publicity making for a while, and great for getting my products out there!

I also love Fearless because of its funky atmosphere and products anyway, and it's one of my favourite shops in Cornwall. Having my stuff there on display will definitely make it better!

Here's the outside of their shop in Port Isaac (they also have a shop in Wadebridge);


Berry xoxo

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rings Galore!!

Hey guys,

I have just recently been at a festival and managed to combine business with pleasure. I made 10 rings out of recycled beads and wire that I managed to 'aquire', that Berry may have mentioned earlier. Pictures soon!

They went down a treat.
Hippies were flaunting my hand made wares from the cabaret to the kids tent, the late night areas to the loos. It was amazing!

I sent my little brother off to sell them for, and after he used his boyish charms on a kindly stall holder, made a great business connection.
The lady had some jewellery boxes on sale which looked rather naked. They had very conveniant little sections for rings... Voila!

It was amazing.
I will be spending this summer making batch after batch which will soon be available for purchase for the general public (and not just for festival junkies!) , hopefully at craft shows and festival nationally, as well as on our site of course!

Until next time,
x x x