Friday, 9 July 2010

New layout, again!

Hello again, guys!

Following my consignment-related revelation, I got all excited about B+B and got all antsy- looking up craft fair opportunities and designing jewellery packaging. And once again, the blog got a makeover! I wasn't too happy with the cavity-inducing sweetness of the old style, nor how the Blogger template design dealt with pictures. So, I think this design actually is here to stay! It fits in with us, and works properly. The colours aren't too pink, and go with our weird widgets and whatnots.

Secondly, onto the 'craft fairs' part of the news. I've found out about a local craft fairs, which I'll be attending from 26th- 30th of August if all goes well. Wish me luck!
I've got some pictures of the stock that I'm planning to send off to Fearless coming up soon... Plus, some sneak peaks of my display items for the stall.

But for now, I have no pictures to offer you! Sorry!

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