Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rings Galore!!

Hey guys,

I have just recently been at a festival and managed to combine business with pleasure. I made 10 rings out of recycled beads and wire that I managed to 'aquire', that Berry may have mentioned earlier. Pictures soon!

They went down a treat.
Hippies were flaunting my hand made wares from the cabaret to the kids tent, the late night areas to the loos. It was amazing!

I sent my little brother off to sell them for, and after he used his boyish charms on a kindly stall holder, made a great business connection.
The lady had some jewellery boxes on sale which looked rather naked. They had very conveniant little sections for rings... Voila!

It was amazing.
I will be spending this summer making batch after batch which will soon be available for purchase for the general public (and not just for festival junkies!) , hopefully at craft shows and festival nationally, as well as on our site of course!

Until next time,
x x x

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