Sunday, 23 May 2010

General Store and Prototype rings of Fail

Today, I created an XBox ring.

A little backstory, here. Bloom (my partner) is an avid gamer and at the moment is obsessed with Gears of War. She and her brother, together against the Horde... Ah, fun times. Anyway, here I am- in the middle of May- wondering what to get her for a super-belated Christmas pressie. And the thought hits.

Super, one-of-a-kind customised Gamer Gear!

I made the ring twice. The first time, after 3 hours wrestling with the white clay (stupid bits of fluff and dirt!) because the XBox controller shape is a bitch to sculpt, my hyperactive oven burnt it.
Along with 3 other prototype pieces and 5 custom orders. I nearly gave up. T________T

But I decided to make the ring again! This time, there were no bits of dirt... But the oven again burnt the ring. Not that it should have, mind you. I had it at the same temperature you use to melt chocolate... It's a problem with either the clay or the oven. :/

But anyway, the ring wasn't that burnt, and I'm going to paint the burnt (white) bits with acrylic tomorrow. But for the moment.. Here's the ring!

And the website's nearly finished, too. But don't tell Bloom, 'cus she hasn't seen the ring yet and it's on the site.
Shhh! ^_^

Berry xoxo

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