Thursday, 20 May 2010

Slightly less old (but still outdated) polymer clay goodiesingsome

Just thought I'd show some more signs of life by uploading some of the (more) recent photos of my crafty exploits. These are a couple of months old, unfortunately, but I'm still quite proud of them all- even if they're a bit further down on my learning curve!

First off, we have my foray into dollshouse-made accessories - teacup charms. I've actually now got a selection of these made into rings, with different kinds of teacups and 'picnic blanket' fabrics.
I'm still making loads of these two favourites- people just love inedible treats! Though I like to think my craftmanship has improved, the basic design is the same. The burgers come with teensy ketchup bottles, too!

This was a one-off piece I originally made for a contest and.. Just to see if I could do it. I spent an afternoon demonstrating for my cousins, and they seemed to like watching the clay turning into yummy sushi! I'm not too happy with this looking back on it, but I'm glad I attempted it- I've learnt a lot about canes and boxes.

One of my other favourites is the apple charm. I always enjoy making this as each apple looks different, just like the real thing! I generally like sculpting fruit charms (my specialities being pear and strawberries), which I think is because of their simplicity and beautiful colours.

That's it for now, folks! I'll try to keep you posted :)

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